More summits to climb

dinner date at see-restaurant,Luzern lake Switzerland

Eighteen years ago, I could not imagine how my life would be without you on my side. Since you were born, you gave us the moments, the high points, it doesn’t matter how you make me cry, how you gave me that expressions of “knowing it all”, how you utter those words, “of being alone most of the time, of not being there when you needed me”, I knew it was just a transition of adolescence to an independent young adult (somehow, a mixed emotions) and how you always differ or argue to my views.. you always get away with your antics of “hit and miss” but in my heart I knew, you are the person who always stick to what you believes in and not easily be persuaded unless the circumstances has been patiently explained. You are the kindest person that a friend could ever have, always supportive and caring.

I always remember the first: first time you look at us and smile, first time to roll, walk and run, first time to talk, first time to go to school, first baseball game, first dance, and first girlfriend. How about the last time? Yes, I also remember the last time: last time you gave me flowers and b-day notes, last time you slept in my room, last time you were in the honor roll, last time you hug and kissed me in front of your classmates. If I am going to write all the first and last time, words are not enough, because I remember all the moments and highlights of your existence.


We have experienced a roller coaster of emotions, the ups and downs of life…the transitions of growing up, of being a family of different addresses and now you are embarking to another chapter, another highlight, another summit  and I know, the path is not as easy as it may seem. But hey! I trust you and it’s always proven when Kevin wants Kevin gets! (Wink)When Kevin said he will do it, he will with flying colors(another wink).

Letting go is not always easy but I know your new-found independence is a bittersweet moments for me, believe it or not, I haven’t visited your empty room yet, I don’t want to feel your absence. You know how happy I am for you to be in that position; this is the most significance steps in your life that I don’t want to miss and rest assured you will always be on my thoughts and prayers.

my kevs at the lobby of Cesar Ritz College of Switzerland

So my dear Kevin, I wish you good health and may you have more birthdays to come and more summits to climb, WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH, Happy happy birthday!








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