My Jeddah food trip with Chef Kevin

I am so happy to savour the taste of Ramadan Iftar with my youngest son, Chef Kevin. He was here for short holiday before he goes to work as trainee at J.W Marquis Marriott Hotel in Dubai, UAE. Imagine how my tummy jumped with glee and my brain twisted for more calories and my heart was pumping with joy,suddenly…sadness comes when I can not zipped in my trouser 🙂 anymore! hahaha anyway, here’s some photos I took via iPhone 4 ! yes! say that again! still in iPhone 4? ! 🙂

1st stop – where else! of course at tito nabil’s house. He is a good lebanese cook! We ate with gusto every time! Hummos fattah, wara enab, yogurt hmmm so yummy!

2nd stop – Cheesecake Factory, it seems every table has its own service staff, the service and the food are both fantastic.

3rd stop – Texas Road house, well again and again, this is my favourite!

4th stop – Mugg and Bean, not so impressive but the conversation was superb!

5th stop – Romero – one of the best! If you love Mediterranean cuisine and a romantic place, this fine restaurant is highly recommended. From the starter to the main dish, we enjoyed it all!

6th stop – al ashami – Shawerma overload 😉


7th stop – of course, I also prepared some dish for my youngest chef!

IMG_8821 IMG_8845

8th stop – Pizza huh! a disaster, service is not good and the food is not even half italian in taste 🙁

at the end before his flight to Dubai, we went to marble slab creamery, had a fresh mixed ice cream and a little show of catching the scooped ice cream, enjoy!



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