How to wear Spring’s colorful trend when you are 50 and beyond?

I have a conference to attend in less than two weeks…you bet I’m in a shopping mood! But how can I wear all those colorful dresses? Lemon Zest yellow, emerald green, Monaco blue,nectarine orange? Shall I stay with white and black stripes?… What?… no problem? Come on, I am fifty-three years old! 🙁

It seems that fashion industry forgot that there are women beyond fifties who are still working and loving every shopping moment. I have suffered enough to choose my jeans, those dreadful lowest hipsters where I hold my breath so as not to show my bulging tummy 🙂  Oh well, let us be brave ladies!

My fashion mind says, YES you can! all you have to do is choose the color that will match your skin tone. After all women today are more flexible, more resilient and yes! we will survive the trend. Isn’t it enough to say “no”to every dinner invitation because you wanted to have those jeans? Life is too short to say “no”, enjoy every moment, enjoy every fashion, you will never know what you gonna wear when your six feet below the ground.

Well, let me show you what color I choose this spring time:

White trouser looks better, dont you think?
White trouser looks better, dont you think?


 1) Choose colors that match your skin tone.

2) Mix and match, gone are the days when you have the same colors from head to foot.

3) If you can’t find the right color of dress, accessorize with bright colors.

4) Conquer your fear of color, be trendy who cares if your fifty and beyond, just add your “POISE”!

loving the white lace skirt, paired with shades of blue silk top
loving the white lace skirt, paired with shades of blue silk top

So ladies, Let’s go…shoppingggg!!!

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Dare to correct mom’s fashion?…NO way!

Have you ever look at the magazines how model looks like and dream that you look like them too? When was that? when you were 16? 20? 30? or maybe when you’re in 40’s! What about when you’re fifty and beyond? Oh my! My lips are sealed… but there are ladies who can still show off and doesn’t care what other people says! BE HAPPY! And there are ladies who still keep up their coca-cola bodies, why not? go for it! CHEERS! Of course, there are ladies who are not so lucky but still can pulled it off…it’s not magic but it’s POISED!

How about looking at the mannequin , it seems all clothes that’s on display looks fabulous! Indeed! The reasons it looks good on them…is because of their body and flawless skin. They are after all, mannequins!

got my point?

I bought an exact pants and shirt that I found in “MANGO” catalog and tried the pose…., got my point? I know, you would say…you look fine!Really? ( i can see you laughing) NO… NO! I wont wear it like that, I won’t go out with my shirt tacked in my pants, otherwise, I’ll die because I’m holding my breath 🙂

I don’t know why “MANGO” jeans has no section for ladies beyond fifty, all jeans got low waist and hug on thighs.The roads are too lumpy and bumpy ,hellooo? What about the flair one? oh yeah, if you’re long-legged, maybe… or you can wear a high-heel shoes and it will look good too.

What about dress? Let’s try” CORTEFIEL”… I like their style, simple and yet elegant and comfortable too! Can beautybeyondfifty wears mini-skirt? How old is too old to wear mini-skirt? Does your knees stands the test of time? Have you noticed? if age doesn’t show on your face, it does show on other part of the body like… your neck…back of your hand …and your knees.

I like White..simple!

I choose white dress, not too short and not too long, just a little bit above the knees. If you want to look casual but smart, try to match it with shoe wedges ..or if you want to look more business style, you can top it with a blazer or scarf and a closed high heel shoes, just be careful not to break your leg or your back.

Ladies, whatever you want to wear… be comfortable with it and your grace be with it, after all you deserve the best!


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I thought life would be cheaper when you’re fifty and beyond

my golden year without shoes!

Does life gets better after you reach fifty and beyond? well, it depends, on how far you’ve been.ahhh, you can say that again!

I was filling up the form for our yearly medical insurance, as usual,name, date of birth, gender etc. the bracket of payment was at the end of the form. I always thought that I am fifty ( sorry ladies, i stop counting at age fifty).

35-40 yrs. old (SR 1,149) 41-50 yrs. old (SR 1,349) 51-59 (Sr 2,649) 60-69(Sr 15,000)

Whoa! SR 2,649 for 51 yrs old and above! I thought when I reached fifty and beyond, I will have a discount but NO! your body will eventually be less resistant to sickness,not to mention the menopausal syndrome … thus need more medical attention and so your medical insurance increases in anticipation of this predicament.

I thought , I don’t care if my face has wrinkles, anyway, I am fifty and beyond but NO! looking at the mirror everyday makes you wonder, do I need a Botox? a filler? or a face lift? who cares!

I travel a lot and my suit case is full of clothes I need on every occasion, every weather, every no need to buy stuff, but NO! It doesn’t fit anymore, I grew three sizes bigger..oh my! good thing my shoe size doesn’t change but NO! the style change, the fashion change..who cares!

My little handy bag used to have my lipstick,foundation,eyebrow pencil,mascara and lotion.Guess what’s the additional item? concealer! yes! to hide those dark circles around my eyes, sides of my nose and my dark pimples (which sometimes, let me feel I am still young! at least in my dreams! ha ha ha ha). What else? medicines! I have to add more medicines in my bag (headache,cramps,allergy,eye drop etc)

Eyeglasses! I have sunglasses, medical eye wear (i got two, one is spare just in case know what I mean, beautybeyondfifty is getting old and forgetful)and not to mention, I have my loop too! Contact lens? no , I don’t wear one.

Gadgets! whoa, I used to have desk top computers only, but I needed a lap top so i can do my work at  home and at the office, clang! there goes another net book, easy to handle but got to have an extra hard no no still too heavy, i got an iPad so i can just put it in my everyday bag still not contented? here we go..iphone4, it goes to my purse easily ,ahhh do you think ,I wont carry my camera and MacBook air when I travel the next week? Think again! 🙂

My hair is turning grey…got to color it and made some high lights and low lights ahhhh additional expenses too! what else?

Oh well, got to park my pen, I won’t do anything at all if I find living expensive after all when you die, I guess its more expensive to buy a coffin and a place to bury the dead.

And so I therefore conclude, Life and living is still the best!

Acceptance and Faith: Carmelita Duya -Nalzaro

rib4.gif - 3.5 KFilipino Women are facing the higher risk of Breast Cancer in Southeast Asia.Some 6,360 breast cancer patients die each year in the country, making it the leading death among Filipino women (data from the Philippine Cancer Society as posted by Bulatlat)

What would you do if you are one of the women diagnosed with breast cancer? Would you want a treatment? or would you rather spend the money to travel around the  world and enjoy life from day to day basis?

Carmelita D.Nalzaro- 11 years breast cancer survivor stage 3

My third lovely lady is CARMELITA DUYA NALZARO,born March 10, 1958 in Baguio City, a graduate of ECE (Electronic and Communication Eng. 1985). Married to Engr. George Nalzaro blessed with 3 children (Jady,Christine and Gentry).

As i was putting make-up on her, I was in awe, I cant believe she is a cancer survivor! Her skin is so soft and clear, her persona is so gentle and yet I also felt her inner strength.Her happiness and peace in life is visible in her face.

Are you working?

Yes, for almost 11 years now. I am working as a Math teacher in IPSJ  ( International Philippines School of Jeddah)

How does it feel working out of your Engineering field?

I find it fulfilling, I love teaching more than being in my field.I took and passed the LET (Licensure Examination for Teachers) at the age of 47 years old.

What challenges do you face everyday in teaching?

" Teaching is my passion"

My challenge is for the student to love Math and not to hate the subject. I challenge myself to let the student understand the concept, to bring interest to the subject and get them focus.Teaching is my passion, I like the new challenge it brings everyday. For me, teaching is no longer my work, it becomes my playground of knowledge…a play I know that my students can participate,learn and at the same time enjoy.

Well said my lovely lady! Let’s talk about other challenges in your life, When and how your breast cancer was detected?

the discovery was accidental, George was doing massage of my arm, he was joking around… went a little bit further and suddenly he was surprised that there’s a hard mass ,we went directly to consult a physician and asked if she can do mammography. She was adamant that nothing was wrong and mammography was not needed. Months had passed and I noticed that it becoming more larger, we went to another doctor, mammography was done and I was diagnosed with carcinoma stage 3.

how did you and George took the news? What was your first reaction?

Why? why me?… we were advised to have another medical opinion, we went to another Doctor and Needle Biopsy was done. The first  diagnosis was confirmed: Invasive Carcinoma of the breast Stage III.

The Doctor was so plain and direct to the point,” You have cancer,we will remove it and you will survive” ! wow! this help me a lot because i did not see any worries in his face, that he was sure I will survive… God bless…I did survive!

How did you break the news to your family…to your children in particular?

Acceptance and Faith…George and I accepted the news knowing God will always be there for us, the children took it the same way and we all embraced the situation with open heart and mind.

Surgery,Chemotherapy (6 cycles) Radiotherapy (25 exposures) and a lot of prayers. I was bald … I was not bothered so i did not covered my head.

At that time, bald was in fashion, one lady taught that at my age      “nakikiuso pa rin ako” (at trend) she was apologetic when she knew I was under chemotherapy.

Other than your family, where do you get the inspiration?

Maritoni Fernandez said ” It’s like walking though fire…how do you get to the other side without burning your feet? You just have to take it one step at a time, and eventually, you’ll get through the flames.” She is an inspiration!

What is your  message to ladies who might be on same condition as you are?

for those women diagnosed with cancer specifically breast cancer wherein I’m a survivor for 11 years now, go back to your normal life after treatment but be sure to have a not less than 8- hours sleep daily, shy away from foods with high in fats and preservatives. Learn to relax to overcome stress. Always have a positive outlook in life and have a personal relationship with God.

Well, were not done yet..what about beauty secrets? what are the things that you cant do without?

spray net( hair spray) and toner! I do routine exercise such as Taebo, 30 minutes treadmill, lots of water

there you go Ladies, there’s life after cancer, there’s beauty beyond physical, there’s hope for everyone…have faith…Gods’ willing… We will all survive!

To answer the question: yes i would seek treatment, travel around the world and enjoy life!

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What you see is what you got! LyNne C. Villanueva

Sexy mom-Lynne C. Villanueva

Transparency is the distinctive qualities you will find with sexy mom LYNNE, born august 27, 1958 from Taal, Batangas. Married for thirty-five years to Rolly (Govs ) Villanueva and blessed with five children. At sweet sixteen she eloped with her hubby who is nine years older. A typical story of mom send a daughter to buy suka (vinegar), along the way was lost, night fell, terrified to come home and her prince charming came to rescue her and live happily ever after. Bow! woot…woot..

But that was only the beginning of a love story that surpasses the time…She was only eighteen when she had her first baby girl born, no wonder Lynne still looks like an elder sister to her only daughter who is equally stunning in beauty. Three children were born in Philippines and two in Jeddah.

How was it, being married at an early age?

FREEDOM! I came from a very conservative family, imagine those days when you are all guarded. (home-school-church-home) Being married is my ticket to freedom; Rolly was twenty-five then, intelligent and responsible man. I have difficulties but because I have a lot of family support, they made it a bit easy for me.

What about school? Did you go to college?

Yes, I am a graduate of BS mathematics (UE), in between my pregnancy, I tried to focus, a lot of struggles but I was determine to graduate and I did it.

Well done! There’s no regret then?

Oh no! I just wished I married later (of course with the same man) I really wanted to be a Lawyer,but with five children? I cannot.

In what year did you come to Jeddah?

I started visiting Jeddah from 1984 to 1986 and we decided to stay on from 1988 until the present.

lovely @53

What is the best thing in Jeddah?

Family bonding! We have plenty of time to be together.

You live in a nice compound (Arabian homes) did you work?

Yes, I only work in the morning (4hrs.) but it’s been one and half-year now that I am not working.

Do you feel bored? What is your past time? Majhong? Tong-its? Ha ha ha ha ha

My day is not enough, I have insomnia, I watched TV and fell asleep. When I woke up, I clean, cook, wash, have time with the family, I need more than twenty-four hours.

How do you describe yourself?

I am what I am; its either I am happy or sad and angry. What you see is what you got. I am not the kind of person who will make the first move to be your friend… Taray! (Snub)

What is the saddest thing that ever happened?

When my son died seven years ago I still didn’t recover. Until now I still feel his absence.

What do you do to relieve your sadness?

I am just quiet, I have only two emotions, either I am happy or sad.

I felt her mood was changing so I shifted the conversation to a more lovely question.

How do you manage to stay as thin and sexy as you are? Any beauty secrets?

Nothing really, I am contented of what I have, of what I am. The only routine I always do is fifteen minutes exercise every morning.

What are the things that changed when you turned fifty?,

I think its how I dress up. I felt I am more conservative now .

(again◊, Mr Nabil is present during the interview and this is his comment: well, when you reached fifty and beyond, your body had undergone a lot of changes, you are more exposed to the sun, your skin become darker and wrinkled, you put on weight, that’s why a lot of women beyond fifty changed their style to cover things that they are shy to show) do you agree?

Oh well, maybe..what about madame Malou? She is still the same?? No change, she is even more daring!

.:-) and Lynn has a nice body at age 53, she doesn’t have to hide anything…correct!

How about in marriage?  You are a very young bride and yet you manage to keep your marriage, is it you or Rolly that keeps the marriage going?

I think its our partnership that works, he is a good provider, when it comes to home, I am the “boss”, I make the decision but every decision i made, I always informed him..Honesty is the best policy..that is my principle in life.

Do yo inform him before or after?

Of course before and after! I think to have a good communication is one of the important aspect in marriage. Specially when it comes to financial matter because he is the only one working, its hard-earned money but most of the time, he really doesn’t mind, I just informed him of my decision. (oh well! it seems, the final say is with Lynne; peace govs! lol)

What are you looking forward beyond fifty?

Photos by Edge: assisted by Kevs S/Kevs V:make up by mmSuarez

to age gracefully! and continue to dress up properly, I can not leave the house without dressing up even with abaya, I still have to dress up. People look at you the way you dress.

even at night? in going to bed?

Yes! always at your best, dress should  always be proper to where you are.

that’s a good tips ladies! To age gracefully… dress appropriately..

ok pack up,,shooting done lets eat! what??? the dish is empty? bake macaroni disappear! hmmm for sure Master Edge and his assistant Kk with the help of Walid dished it out!

What you bake is what they ate ha ha ha ha thanks for the bake macaroni Lynne..super yummy!

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My FuNnY LADY: Malou Aricheta Alji

Born 1958 from Cagayan is my Lady number one♥♥♥.

malou alji

When I asked malou for an interview and photo shoot, without a blink of an eye she said YES!
That’s the lady I knew fifteen years ago, no frills, self-confident, full of energy, very friendly (a sure landslide winner if she is in politics) her candid frankness will surely make the crowd or two burst into laughter. And yet at times, her friendliness gets her into trouble in which she just shrugs it off.
She is a registered nurse by profession and a “certified domestic diva” for many years now. She met her Lebanese husband Nabil while working at the same hospital. Married for twenty-one years and blessed with three children.

Her eldest son, Shady graduated recently – Industrial Engineering in UST, another boast of their blissful life. Hep! Hep! Hep! Hurray! Or should I write woot.. woot…!
As my dear photographer Edge and his assistants Kk (kev S and Kev V.) getting ready for the shoot, I took out nuts and ice cream for her lovable husband to keep him busy..yay! what I mean, be comfortable without “S”! ( S as in “sumpong” -tantrums) in fairness, he is very supportive to her and to me:-)


In one word can you describe yourself?
FUNNY…young at heart

Is that your secret of being youthful?
Yey! I visualized myself outside, I like to smile, I feel I must be desirable in and out. (if you know her, you will know her eyes are twinkling side view ,fingers swinging, hips swaying)
Are you scared of aging?
Of course! Aging for me is like…as if the earth will stand you ended your fruitful life.

( ha ha ha bulok na!..rotten!)

what advise can you give to ladies like your age?

– Remove stress! If there’s a problem take it easy..Smile and the world will smile at you..cry and you will cry alone..

How do you relieve stress?

Singing, dancing, exercise, chatting

what is your philosophy in life?


– stand firm and always fight for your right! (at this time, Nabil is getting too attentive to the topic and wants to interject his opinion, we allow him at sometime but this is ladies talk..sorry guys!)

What is the best thing that happened to your life?

– when i got married , a new life had begun and I continued to evolve, continued to dream

How is it being married to a foreigner?

– difficult because we came from different culture, since I came to Jeddah as single and had enjoyed my life, I came to balance things. The first thing I learned when I got married is to cook . My husband said, If you don’t know how to cook, how can you feed your child? (I agree)

( Oh yeah! l love wara e’nab and molokeyyah)

Did you plan to marry foreigner?

– No! i have so many BF (boy friends and admirers etc) and I am proud of it, they are the trophies of my Ego. (Nabil smiling, i guess he is proud that malou choose him among her many admirers)

You only have one daughter, will you allow her to marry a foreigner? what advise would you give her in terms of  relationship?

– she can marry the man she likes but I wish that she can find a man who will truly love her more than she loves him. And to have a career of her own.

Why? Have you wish you didn’t stop working?

– Yes, I like to be a working mother, to have a career but I am thankful of everything, I have very supportive husband, three good children, I am thanking God everyday!

What do you want to be remembered? your legacy?

– I want them to remember that I help a lot of people getting their diploma, an education, a gift that no one can take away from them.

To end, What advise can you  give to Ladies beyond fifty?

– Acceptance! whatever decision you made in the past, don’t regret..move forward for life is too short, make the most of it ..Enjoy!

Yes! bon appetit..nuts and ice cream all gone… additional kilo..who cares? We love it!!!!

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Jeddah POP ICON 2011..a night to remember!

Contender #1 Glenys Cabana

Certainly yesterday was a night to remember for everyone present in that occasion. It’s a mixture of young, old and those who never got old or refused (if I may quote) to be senior citizens.

Pop Icon 2011 (singing competition for OFW in Saudi Arabia) was organized by FAME which I learned was formerly SE productions…I remember TFCK (Teens Fun Club with kids) those years and days to prepare such production was tedious thing to do. And no matter how you put all together the act, there will always be a missed out, misplaced and miscommunication. Nevertheless, the organizer should be applauded for their commitment to make the night successful.

Number one contender was Glen Cabana, I still remember her as one of the kids of TFCK. She has grown to be a very fine lady with a golden voice. She looks equally gorgeous with her blue velvet gown, which proves the chemistry between Abe and Leonie really works wonder. I was just saddened by the fact that the microphone she used was not really that good, her real voice was not enhanced but rather it made it worst. Pinch me, if I say differently but that’s my opinion.

Another contender I knew was Dareen (#7), she was also so naive when I met her the first time, last night was a surprise, and she is a performer petite with a nice voice.

Another Lady I knew was the ever energetic charming Gina Casino (Rada), she did the convocation in English and Arabic as well. Well done Gina!

Though I was a bit annoyed when we were asked to leave the table


(apparently the table is for VIP but there was no guide or sign) I like to commend the three beautiful usherettes (Yasmeen, jayne and another lady) you’re presence made the night more pleasing to stay. Miss Saudi Arabia (fil-indian beauty) was really a stand out among others.

Ms. Saudi Arabia

The man contenders are also entertaining, I like contender no.8 , he put a lot of feelings on his songs. The dancers are cool.They dance gracefully with gusto! I like the Waka-waka dance and that super little petite singer, I apologize for not remembering names..a sign of beauty beyond fifty:-)

Congratulations to the winners and to all contenders, especially to my lady Gwen, you may not got what you want this time, continue dreaming and aspire to make it real.. always hope for the best and good luck to whatever undertaking you may have.


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Aging gracefully…diversion is the key

the many faces of fifty

Age is a number that usually we are not amused to count. I came to Jeddah 1987, armed with a double Bachelor degree, a lot of my patients commented that I am too young to be a Doctor…” Whatttt..don’t tell me you went to school when your teeth are just erupting???” At that time, I am not pleased, I like to look matured, may be 10 years more than my age. I look like a child who is trying hard to wear a white coat to look like a doctor. Appearance really matters in this country because if you look around they really look matured more than their age.

That was then, now fifty and beyond wants to look naturally. Time have passed, you have made a marked in people’s mind, whether it is your patients, your friend, family and acquaintances. That’s the good thing being in your golden years, you have achieved a lot that a formal introduction is not needed, unless you haven’t change your old self, I mean your appearance in particular.

If you’re wearing the same hairstyle century ago, now is the time to change… try finding a good salon that will cut and color your hair according to your skin tone.

Check your wardrobe; check the colors of your clothes…are you in gray or black shades? There’s nothing wrong with black, but if you’re wearing black at all times, think! Are you hiding something? May be its time to shade those extra kilos! Wear something different, red? Blue? Yellow or maybe choose lighter shades that will make your day better, which will make you feel different if not beautiful. Remember when you feel good, you look beautiful inside out.

If you haven’t been in SPA, now is the time to pamper yourself. You’re under stress? Go shopping; buy the things you really want, no money?  Well, then just look at it ha ha ha ha, well at least you did some exercise (walking around mall), you see beautiful people who will inspire your day, instead of just sitting at home, cleaning, ironing, cooking etc. Don’t feel guilty, you’re doing these things every day, have time for yourself too!

Aging is a continuous process, we cannot hold it, rich and famous looks fabulous because they have means, domestic helper, PA, etc. a lot of things that we normal ladies doesn’t have… but you know what, we have ourselves, this is the time to think about YOU, if you don’t? Who else would?

It’s natural for us, to think about our children, we can afford to buy them PSP, X-box, a thousand worth of clothes/shoes but what we got for ourselves?twenty riyals worth of slippers? You’re probably busy doing household chores that you just clipped back your hair, wear old clothes, and ignore the mirror. huh! It’s about time..wake up, do something for yourself, at least pamper yourself once a week, a month, find time to amuse yourself.

Stress? find something to divert, dance, yes dance even you’re alone, do exercise…this is beneficial to your body and mind…declare a day off! kids has day off…dad has a day off..even a helper has a day off…why not YOU!

Let’s go  ladies… see you on Thursday? LADIES!
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the other "me"
funny face @ fifty

Its been a month since i  started blogging, I am amazed that i reached more than a hundred hits! Well, I rather start with zero and up, than having a hundred and goes down to zero.. ha ha ha meaning i am too boring! I also receive emails from readers, encouraging me to write more..gathering all the questions they asked will sum up to:

Why Beauty beyond fifty?

Why not Dental blog?

Are you really fifty-two?

Having a post-graduate in Ortho (Germany) and Esthetic Dentistry (USA) plus 25 years of experience will surely an ace to talk about Dentistry in General and Esthetic (Cosmetic) in particular. Certainly, I am humble by the fact that i am successful in my career and the passion that i bring into it is unquestionable. However, talking Dentistry, day in out ..then blog about it..whoaaa.. I wonder I’ll be eating my dental cake too!

Beauty is my other passion not only physically but also within. I have beautiful friends that I see seldom because of my hectic schedule. I know, you could imagine the traffic of topics that we talk about whenever we hang out.

My goal is to feature ladies beyond fifty, their principles/challenges in life, their beauty secrets and what their looking forward beyond the golden years.I like to share their stories (with their permission..of course!) as an inspiration for those who are turning fifty and beyond. Ladies from all walks of life, real beauties (in and out), real people with a  million dollar true to life stories 🙂

And yes, I am fifty-two this year, I do look young in picture but definitely i look like my age in person. How do fifty-two lady should look like anyway? aha! another topic for a blog!

the other side of “ME”??, let us find out on this journey of life fifty and beyond…

Magic remote control..anyone?

Magic wand is a thing of the past, wizard, witch, is a reality.. but we do sometimes wished that we have a magic wand that we can just whisked and boom! life is different.

Yes, a remote control on the 21st century but i rather have both , a magic remote control that i can push rewind and fast forward the scenes in my life that i like most , the life that i like to play.:-)

Certainly, i like to rewind my teens year, how easy life has been, eat and study, sings and dance,hate and love. I like to rewind the first dance, the first kiss, the first date and everything that is “FIRST”in our life.

People remembers the” first” we always forget the “last”. When was the last time you talk to each other pleasantly without a fight? When is the last time you hold hands and spend the rest of the day just feeling complete? There are more “last” than” first” if you really think about it.

I like to rewind when my kids were still a baby, learning how to crawl, talk, walk discover simple things  that makes them smile and make your day bright! the little things the toddler do ..that you want them to “freeze” and be that way forever.

though often time you also wanted to lower the volume when they cry and whine, but increases it every time they sings  a note or recite a poem, no matter how short or wobbly it was.

I like to rewind a lot of things when everything are easily said and done, that no one dares to complain but follows.

Now, that I am fifty-two , i like to fast forward when both of my sons have stable job and a family of their own, happy , enjoying the journey of life. I like to fast forward when you can just sit back, have a cup of tea, watching little footstep at the door, running.. racing towards you and  shouting  “lola” with flowers in their hand and says “this is for you, love you lola”.

puff! swoosh! boom!I just wish life is that simple push button and play..rewind and forward, freeze and slow, enjoy!

but no, we don’t need a wand or magic remote control in our life. God created us with our brain on top so we can think above all circumstances..our feet below so we can stand firmly.., imagine if it was reverse, we walk upside down, life would be more complicated.:(

Remarkable thing, is we have a choice everyday. The attitude that we choose will determine the make or break of our day. We can not change our past, we cannot change the fact that people will act in certain way. We cannot change the inevitable. The only thing we can is play on the one string we have and that’s attitude.

” I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it” Charles R. Swindell.

I believe its true, we are in charge of our attitude…of our choices in life… procrastination is not a choice, it is the thief of time. So, if someone is holding the remote control of your life..BREAK IT! is YOU who is responsible to your well-being, YOU are responsible of your failure and success..

No ONE even the magic!