Dare to correct mom’s fashion?…NO way!

Have you ever look at the magazines how model looks like and dream that you look like them too? When was that? when you were 16? 20? 30? or maybe when you’re in 40’s! What about when you’re fifty and beyond? Oh my! My lips are sealed… but there are ladies who can still show off and doesn’t care what other people says! BE HAPPY! And there are ladies who still keep up their coca-cola bodies, why not? go for it! CHEERS! Of course, there are ladies who are not so lucky but still can pulled it off…it’s not magic but it’s POISED!

How about looking at the mannequin , it seems all clothes that’s on display looks fabulous! Indeed! The reasons it looks good on them…is because of their body and flawless skin. They are after all, mannequins!

got my point?

I bought an exact pants and shirt that I found in “MANGO” catalog and tried the pose…., got my point? I know, you would say…you look fine!Really? ( i can see you laughing) NO… NO! I wont wear it like that, I won’t go out with my shirt tacked in my pants, otherwise, I’ll die because I’m holding my breath 🙂

I don’t know why “MANGO” jeans has no section for ladies beyond fifty, all jeans got low waist and hug on thighs.The roads are too lumpy and bumpy ,hellooo? What about the flair one? oh yeah, if you’re long-legged, maybe… or you can wear a high-heel shoes and it will look good too.

What about dress? Let’s try” CORTEFIEL”… I like their style, simple and yet elegant and comfortable too! Can beautybeyondfifty wears mini-skirt? How old is too old to wear mini-skirt? Does your knees stands the test of time? Have you noticed? if age doesn’t show on your face, it does show on other part of the body like… your neck…back of your hand …and your knees.

I like White..simple!

I choose white dress, not too short and not too long, just a little bit above the knees. If you want to look casual but smart, try to match it with shoe wedges ..or if you want to look more business style, you can top it with a blazer or scarf and a closed high heel shoes, just be careful not to break your leg or your back.

Ladies, whatever you want to wear… be comfortable with it and your grace be with it, after all you deserve the best!


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Author: jamilamimi

a mother of two, professionally working as cosmetic dentist, a lover of beauty..my own perception in and out. www.jamilamimi.com

3 thoughts on “Dare to correct mom’s fashion?…NO way!”

  1. Ha! Ha! Love this. Love the reDDD outfit; I will buy that if I can try it on!!! I am a wedgie shoe fan also because I gave up my stilleto hills na. I had always love bakya sandals anyway. Love the white dress ON YOU! REally, you look great in the red outfit also, just don’t pose :). love ya, wy

    1. I can’t walk in stilleto, I wonder how they do it? yeps I like the white dress too, more appropriate for my age. thanx way!

      1. but there is nothing NOT appropriate in red. found out it looks good on any age. aggressive and daring! get the messy hair style, the messy bun going,
        and walah…beautiful!

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