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Ramadan: Iftar Buffet at Red Sea Grill resto

Ramadan is almost over and I haven’t invited my staff yet to an Iftar (sunset meal), so yesterday we went to Red Sea Grill (seafood restaurant) at thalia st. We came early to find a good place unfortunately all tables are too small for a party of six, anyhow this is the nearest place to

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Photoblog: Jeddah Fish market

A friday soaring hot morning in Jeddah Fish Market will surely make your day, fish monger are all smiling and willingly pose with their fish on hand. Some of our kababayan (overseas Filipino workers) also wave their hand and willingly smile. Even the fish (tilapia) jumps with joy, spinning and caught me offhanded ;-).

Beautybeyondfifty meet sweet sixteen’…JS prom

Yes, the beauty beyond fifties, made their way to the JS prom of sixteen and below. A reminiscence of the past comes rushing back; I guess mothers are more excited as their daughters/son to look for their own attire of the evening. This is the night to wear the best suit, gown or dress, be

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Slow down Camel crossing…Road trip to Madaín Saleh

Slow down Camel crossing… Road trip to Madaín Saleh We left Jeddah at 5óclock in the morning of October 28, 2012, same month when I visited the Nabatean capital of the north –PETRA in Jordan last year. Madaín Saleh is about 800 km from Jeddah. We filled our cooler with cold drinks, foods, chips, chocolates

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Serenata shines at seven

Its been awhile i haven’t written anything in my blog and i wont miss this opportunity to share with you the spectacular show of Serenata Children’s Choir and String Chamber Orchestra.How i wished i was able to take more pictures but i opted to listen and watched the show instead of doing all the clicks! The musical presentation was under the musical

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Christmas in Saudi Arabia- how do we celebrate?

It’s not easy to celebrate Christmas in a place like Saudi Arabia, where almost everything is forbidden like, mixed party, religious activities for non-Muslim etc, and what more if you are home away from home meaning, your family are not complete. A lot of OFW (overseas Filipino workers) are home alone (no wife or husband or

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OFW kitakits – a breezing night!

It was a cool ,breezing night for all OFW (overseas Filipino workers) in Jeddah, the mood was festive and extra ordinary. Extra ordinary because we live in Saudi Arabia where male and female are usually separated in all occasions.It’s a one night happening in a year, you wont be glad to miss! As usual, i am

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to be or not to be…housewife or career woman?

As I get out from my office to clinic room, I met my old-time patient with his wife and twin daughters., already grown up and had just recently finished her medical training in USA. I started the conversation: Me: Congratulations! so whats next? marriage? Father/mother: oh! she gained a lot of weight, she has to

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