Weekly Photo Challenge: Room

I have a 72 years old male patient came in for consultation. His main concern..”spaces in front of the two front teeth”.

Him: Can you do something?


Me: Yes, I can.. but your teeth will look a bit wider and longer .

Him: would it look nice? will it improve my appearance?

Me: (looking at the other adjacent teeth, considering his oral hygiene) If only to close the space at the middle, maybe 20%! but lets start first in cleaning your teeth so I can get the real shade of the teeth. He agreed and I proceeded to remove the old composite filling and restored the teeth with direct composite veneer.(E.max  direct).

Central incisors restored with direct composite veneer
Central incisors restored with direct composite veneer

His eyes beamed at the prospect of having 20% improvement. However, when I handed him the mirror, he was so pleased to look at his front teeth and proceeded to do the rest of his teeth. the rest is history, 🙂 It feels good to see him very happy.


Ladies, there’s always room for smile improvement ,no matter how old and whether you are man or woman 🙂

beauty shines beyond fifty!



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a mother of two, professionally working as cosmetic dentist, a lover of beauty..my own perception in and out. www.jamilamimi.com

2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Room”

  1. Dear Jamila  Hi, I read your notes today, Nice! I am 51 years old living in Riyadh since Sept 2013, Im a Chef but accidentally my front tooth broke when I bite the dark chocolate bar, (sorry tinikman ko lang) but that tooth was a root-canal, now Im bungi. I am sure you have the best clinic in Jeddah, we have also branch called Bab Al Yemen restaurant there. Never I see what is Jeddah yet. I dont know if you have clinic here in Riyadh, otherwise please suggest?


    1. Dear ben,
      Thank you for reading my blog. Unfortunately, we don’t have a branch in Riyadh, maybe someday you will be able to come to Jeddah, give us a call 6675216/6658929 and we will be pleased to give you a consultation appt. I’ve tried “Bab al yemen many times and also blog about it. Good food 🙂
      I’m sorry, I can’t refer you to anyone in Riyadh, I don’t know who is the best Cosmetic Dentist there.

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