Age 55: Junior and Senior promenade experience

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Beautybeyond fifty was in reminiscing stage the moment she had the glimpsed of all the teens well dressed for the afternoon Junior and Senior Promenade. Wow! Where were you? Time flies! We can only look a million times on those old remaining photos but we will never be the same physically with all the bumps sideways and bulging tummy 🙂 but hey! it doesn’t matter, we’re all gorgeous no matter what! (are you kidding me?) Nope! Ladies, we are all beautiful in our own way, perhaps not as much as when we were young  but it all comes down to.. the feeling with in you! Yes! feel beautiful and YOU are beautiful!

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hmmm, not bad for beauties beyond fifty 🙂 let’s move on..

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This is one of the most awaited event in High school life, the most splendid or I may say ..the most expensive? As the guest of Honour pointed out..we could choose to let go of the tradition and add the savings to college money or perhaps toned down the frills and extravagance..then what? Well, don’t ask me! 🙂 Peace!

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This is only one night..ONE  of the four (seniors) three (juniors)years in High School.For those teens who have been in Saudi Arabia for years.. this one night event adds glitter to their restricted life, a little romance (wink) maybe ? the first dance? the first formal social event? whatever the reasons this is an event worth remembering! Just look at how happy they are..Priceless moments 🙂

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As one of the guest judge of the night, I also wonder how they were able to pull off such amazing event in the most restricted situation. I am in great appreciation of the hard work that was put into this meaningful event. Congratulations!

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Below are the slide show of my shots of the night..

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Disclaimer: If there’s a photo of you, that you don’t wish to include in this blog, please email me with a link of the picture and I will be happy and promptly remove it.

Thank you for the experience 🙂



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