Got to honk! for women’s right

Where flowers bloom, so does hope

A lot of Buzz about Saudi women driving on June 17 (Friday), I am not sure exactly why this date was chosen or the significance attributed to it. People were asked to Honk for support. I believed a lot of expatriate’s women are waiting for this law to take effect, however, cautious they (and I) may be, driving is a long-awaited , one step forward to women’s right. Among others are … the rights to work which is already being implemented (mostly in education, health, and finance field), mechanism for marriage and divorce, protection from domestic abuse which is globally tackled in many ways.

Huh! Beautybeyond fifty at age 52 will start to drive in Saudi Arabia and a lot more who has been in this country for decades, can now put out their driving license in public, and in use hopefully. But this is not entirely a new thing, women in exclusive compounds can freely drive within and I also heard that in some rural areas, it’s common to see a woman in driving seat. So, what’s the big buzz if they allow them to drive freely in the city?  Isn’t it … they already have women pilot? Ironically,someone has to drives her to the airport , so she can fly the aircraft…strange but its true!  I guess not everyone is amused to the idea but for sure,  each has reasons, each has his/her own story to tell.

I remember when my first son, got his driving license in the Kingdom, he was not as excited as I  expected him to be, his comment? …this is not the right place to drive ( at least for the first timer like him); a lot of drivers are not polite and doesn’t follow traffic regulations especially during rush hours and Ramadan months. I definitely agree with his observation.  This is the place where accidents happened most of the time, not only two but more like of domino effect, most of the time. Even though, how careful and how defensive you are in driving, there are a lot of munchkins on the road, ready to eat you and forever honking, until you give him his way, not to mention, texting while driving and stopping at the middle of the road, just to say “hello” to someone he saw on the road, never mind if he is blocking your way.

What about those rude, smelly taxi drivers, whose eyes are on you… as if this is their first time to see a woman in their life and not only that, they will ask you” kabayan” filipina? kumusta ka maganda! the pedestrians are also the same, staring, wondering where are you going, where is your husband, where is your driver…annoying !

On the other hand, having to drive your own car is a right of every individual who loves life and freedom. Why I mentioned “love life”because if you love your life ,you drive safely to avoid mishap and “freedom”we should be given a free will to decide whether we like to drive or not.

Saudi Arabia is the only country that banned women to drive, if it is about Islamic law? what about the other Islamic country, why do they allow women to drive?

It’s a never-ending discussion, each one has it’s own defense, women’s rights is a global issues, discrimination happens but are  they doing something about it? Is there a Law against discrimination in the Kingdom?

Saudi women is still in guardianship..meaning they can not do anything even to travel outside without a male guardian. This is to protect family unity, family honor but what about expatriates? Women expatriates are not allowed to sponsor their husband either or even to invite them on visiting visa. If they value Family unity, it should apply to all expatriates alike who also has family of their own.

Two years ago , my husband had a visa problem and I was literally begging to everyone I know, who can help  him to stay with us  but to no avail, we have to follow the rules. Of course, you would think this is another issue… but for me this is also connected in a way, if Saudi women have no rights in their own country, how could we?

Beautybeyondfifty honks for Saudi Women… three honks for all Women!
“When women thrive, all of society benefits, and succeeding generations are given a better start in life” .– Kofi Annan

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Ladies behind: Inihaw Kamayan Grill Resto

Inihaw Kamayan Grill House Restaurant in Balad (old town ) Jeddah, managed and partly owned by Filipino OFW. Some of the owners are my acquaintances and the ladies (gina, dong, thess, jo) behind are my friends and one of them Jo Imperial is my colleague in dental profession. She also has a talent in fruit carving.

"Ladies" of Inihaw kamayan Grill house Restaurant

My eldest son was invited to take some photos and as usual, I tag along together with my youngest son. I took some shots behind the scenes too!

This is very promising restaurant, the place can accommodate around 100 guest (maximum) and can be arranged accordingly. The foods are combination of Chinese, Filipino and Japanese dishes. Though we were not able to taste the Japanese, maybe one day, we will try it too!

Some of my favorite dishes includes: kare-kare, laing (with hot chili pls!) and sizzling sisig.

Well, you know, we can’t eat that much, we’re on diet…depends actually could be full diet or balanced diet or no diet! ha ha ha ha…

Ahhhh I love the halo-halo…maybe just once a month wont hurt the diet plan!

thank you ladies! Keep up the good work!

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What you see is what you got! LyNne C. Villanueva

Sexy mom-Lynne C. Villanueva

Transparency is the distinctive qualities you will find with sexy mom LYNNE, born august 27, 1958 from Taal, Batangas. Married for thirty-five years to Rolly (Govs ) Villanueva and blessed with five children. At sweet sixteen she eloped with her hubby who is nine years older. A typical story of mom send a daughter to buy suka (vinegar), along the way was lost, night fell, terrified to come home and her prince charming came to rescue her and live happily ever after. Bow! woot…woot..

But that was only the beginning of a love story that surpasses the time…She was only eighteen when she had her first baby girl born, no wonder Lynne still looks like an elder sister to her only daughter who is equally stunning in beauty. Three children were born in Philippines and two in Jeddah.

How was it, being married at an early age?

FREEDOM! I came from a very conservative family, imagine those days when you are all guarded. (home-school-church-home) Being married is my ticket to freedom; Rolly was twenty-five then, intelligent and responsible man. I have difficulties but because I have a lot of family support, they made it a bit easy for me.

What about school? Did you go to college?

Yes, I am a graduate of BS mathematics (UE), in between my pregnancy, I tried to focus, a lot of struggles but I was determine to graduate and I did it.

Well done! There’s no regret then?

Oh no! I just wished I married later (of course with the same man) I really wanted to be a Lawyer,but with five children? I cannot.

In what year did you come to Jeddah?

I started visiting Jeddah from 1984 to 1986 and we decided to stay on from 1988 until the present.

lovely @53

What is the best thing in Jeddah?

Family bonding! We have plenty of time to be together.

You live in a nice compound (Arabian homes) did you work?

Yes, I only work in the morning (4hrs.) but it’s been one and half-year now that I am not working.

Do you feel bored? What is your past time? Majhong? Tong-its? Ha ha ha ha ha

My day is not enough, I have insomnia, I watched TV and fell asleep. When I woke up, I clean, cook, wash, have time with the family, I need more than twenty-four hours.

How do you describe yourself?

I am what I am; its either I am happy or sad and angry. What you see is what you got. I am not the kind of person who will make the first move to be your friend… Taray! (Snub)

What is the saddest thing that ever happened?

When my son died seven years ago I still didn’t recover. Until now I still feel his absence.

What do you do to relieve your sadness?

I am just quiet, I have only two emotions, either I am happy or sad.

I felt her mood was changing so I shifted the conversation to a more lovely question.

How do you manage to stay as thin and sexy as you are? Any beauty secrets?

Nothing really, I am contented of what I have, of what I am. The only routine I always do is fifteen minutes exercise every morning.

What are the things that changed when you turned fifty?,

I think its how I dress up. I felt I am more conservative now .

(again◊, Mr Nabil is present during the interview and this is his comment: well, when you reached fifty and beyond, your body had undergone a lot of changes, you are more exposed to the sun, your skin become darker and wrinkled, you put on weight, that’s why a lot of women beyond fifty changed their style to cover things that they are shy to show) do you agree?

Oh well, maybe..what about madame Malou? She is still the same?? No change, she is even more daring!

.:-) and Lynn has a nice body at age 53, she doesn’t have to hide anything…correct!

How about in marriage?  You are a very young bride and yet you manage to keep your marriage, is it you or Rolly that keeps the marriage going?

I think its our partnership that works, he is a good provider, when it comes to home, I am the “boss”, I make the decision but every decision i made, I always informed him..Honesty is the best policy..that is my principle in life.

Do yo inform him before or after?

Of course before and after! I think to have a good communication is one of the important aspect in marriage. Specially when it comes to financial matter because he is the only one working, its hard-earned money but most of the time, he really doesn’t mind, I just informed him of my decision. (oh well! it seems, the final say is with Lynne; peace govs! lol)

What are you looking forward beyond fifty?

Photos by Edge: assisted by Kevs S/Kevs V:make up by mmSuarez

to age gracefully! and continue to dress up properly, I can not leave the house without dressing up even with abaya, I still have to dress up. People look at you the way you dress.

even at night? in going to bed?

Yes! always at your best, dress should  always be proper to where you are.

that’s a good tips ladies! To age gracefully… dress appropriately..

ok pack up,,shooting done lets eat! what??? the dish is empty? bake macaroni disappear! hmmm for sure Master Edge and his assistant Kk with the help of Walid dished it out!

What you bake is what they ate ha ha ha ha thanks for the bake macaroni Lynne..super yummy!

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